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Tax inspections

We understand that in this economy, companies are suffering from a strong tension in the need to guarantee precise liquidity while exercising absolute control over spending. And so any notice from the tax inspection agency regarding the start of an investigation or verification necessarily requires any company to hire an expert in monitoring inspections.
The expert in inspections must be an attorney or economist with a wide range of experience in different sectors, must understand the business, and master the entire Spanish tax system. His work revolves around two axies: the first, to coordinate field work and act as link between the inspection and company staff; and second, to perfectly coordinate the work of specialists in VAT, corporate taxes, income taxes, and related party transactions. Such coordination requires understanding when and how to utilize these experts in the course of the inspections.
In our opinion, inspection operations in the next years will move to specialize in sectors and fields, and so inspectors who are currently more general will move to become more professional and assumedly more exhaustive and sharp in their inspections.
Founding our work on such a belief and anticipating what the next years will bring, we at RÂIZ have created a multidisciplinary work team specialised in monitoring inspections in order to offer companies on-time solutions to problematic and highly technical situations.
Our team is led by an attorney specialised in inspections with more than twelve years of experience in tax law and who has worked for different international and national groups. This experience provides a unique and expansive view and mastery of the Spanish tax system. Likewise, it is made up by experts in the main taxation fields: whether general (direct taxation – corporate taxes and income taxes – or indirect taxation – VAT and wealth transfer taxes), or specialist (related party transactions).

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