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Property law

Within the practice of property and building law is included specialised advising to our clients, both pre-trial and during trial, in the conflicts that arise between housing sellers and buyers in consequence of a deferred payment with delivery in sums paid as a guarantee or security deposit.
Likewise, our practice includes any negotiation or legal suit regarding the ruinous defects contemplated in the current organic law or in Article 1591 of the Civil Code. We also cover any conflict in condominiums or within homeowners associations.
We also advise our clients in case of conflict between the lessor and lessee, both in developed and raw land, whether they be housing or businesses. At the same time, we take care of all the steps necessary to regularise land in the Property Registrar or in court, inscription files, resumption of performance, or any problem which arises in the field of in rem rights, shared easement, among other.

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