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Legal advising to incorporate equity partners for the exponential development of a nutrition company’s business plan

After the company’s exponential growth, it decided to grow and exploit new business models for its geographical expansion and for the development of new business lines through different means (new digital channels, and others). To do so, a search was undertaken for private equity for a leveraged buyout, which entailed the entrance of new financial partners in the company’s capital.
Our legal advising has been focussed on laying the foundation for the relationship between the financial partners and those partners who developed the company from the beginning and continue to do so in its day-to-day. This has required the negotiation of a shareholder’s agreement which gives rise to two very different and yet very dependent situations. In addition, we have counselled the client on structuring operations both before and after the entrance of the new financial partners. This structuring has encouraged strengthening earlier investments while performing the necessary structural and statutory modifications to adapt the company to the new situation. Finally, we have helped prepare all the documentation required for the execution of the planned operations.
The work performed has required vast knowledge on the applicable company regulations in effect, as well as a special sensibility which minimises future problems and mistakes. Such problems and mistakes are often ignored when a new financial partner enters. Our work has looked to encourage this sensibility and so solve problems beforehand, while the understanding between parties is strong.

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