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Insolvency proceedings for a company with more than 10 million euros in liabilities

We take on the legal duties for debtors in ordinary bankruptcy proceedings (some with more than 10 million euros in liabilities). Beyond assuming this role, we also act in close collaboration with our specialists in financial and commercial law to create a strategy to refinance our clients’ debt. By structuring a viable and recommendable refinancing, we seek to avoid our clients having to declare bankruptcy, which on many occasions unfortunately means the liquidation of the company. In addition, we represent and defend our clients when their debtors have opened bankruptcy proceedings and take on the responsibility to comply with the requirements of insolvency regulations so that their already meagre rights as creditors and not completely erased.
Our attorneys are committed to receiving the necessary training in insolvency cases, and attend forums and courses held in the field. In addition, they are included in the lists of Commercial Court Circuits as official receivers.

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