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Insolvency law

In our country the regulations on insolvency law – the essential law being Law 22/2003, Insolvency – took effect in September 2004 and as such are still quite young. This means that additional reinforcements in training are necessary to offer integral and updated consulting services, especially given the complexity of the field.
Those of us in the litigation department are wholeheartedly engaged with furthering our training, and remain in constant contact with insolvency actors (judges, receivers, lawyers, economists, university professors, and others) in order to provide an excellent service requiring special and delicate treatment of companies in crisis.
It is important to point out that at RÂIZ, Abogados, we boast a staff of excellent professionals in the economic and financial fields. This allows us to offer comprehensive consulting services, not only from the legal point of view, but also from an economic-financial perspective essential to any appraisal of the real viability of companies in crisis.

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