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Family business

With their understanding of each structure and their close relationship, our three departments and their professionals join efforts and knowledge to offer our best to the family business.
We are experts in the negotiation, drafting, and implementation of family operating procedures or shareholder’s agreements.
We have vast experience in the reorganisation of family assets, from tax planning for formalising the required documents. In this, we have taken part in a multitude of business restructurings at the heart of groups of family companies.
We have participated in the planning, study, and negotiations and purchase and sales transactions, and in the merging or splitting of companies making up part of the family company, whether in the family itself or in relation to third parties, other families, companies, directors, or institutional investors.
Planning of wealth inheritance, wills and succession agreements, donation formalisation, swaps, sales and purchases, and other legal business which allows family assets to be passed from one generation to the next.

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