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Director and administrator liability

In light of the current economic situation, cases are on the rise of liability lawsuits against administrators and high officials for breach of due diligence in exercising their functions.
RÂIZ, Abogados has defined itself from the beginning as an office for business law and so has always remained close to business and the circumstances around it. Our advising to any company looks for compliance with applicable regulations, and to achieve an appropriate and adapted administration. As such, our work mainly focuses on providing businesses with practical solutions in their ordinary transactions, while developing a pre-eminently preventative line of action in the responsibilities of administrators and high officials.
To this effect, the professionals making up RÂIZ, Abogados are both specialists in the applicable regulations and have an in-depth knowledge of the company and its day-to-day operations. Through continuing education and constant contact, they remain up to date in the business world.
In addition to the mentioned preventative work and ongoing legal advising, RÂIZ, Abogados offers its services of legal defence in case the company, its shareholders, or creditors open either corporate or individual actions against the administrating body or in case clients are damaged by the actions or failures to act of the body. To do so, we analyse the level of participation, awareness, and ability to act of the sued administrator or legal channels for the damaged party for the defence of their interests.

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