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Defence of developers and buyers in the purchase and sale of housing with deferred delivery and cost

The saturation of the real estate market in our country is well-known to be one of the trigger factors for the current economic crisis, the so-called real estate bubble. As a consequence, many developers have been forced to call a meeting of creditors and many buyers have been frustrated in their attempts to acquire housing or reimbursements of payments made against the price. Additionally, a third player enters the field – the insurer or financial entity that has submitted a guarantee or security deposit to guarantee the delivery of the housing.
From the litigation department, we have drawn up lines of strategy for several developers who, having had problems building certain developments, were sued by the majority of buyers. As such, basing ourselves in the necessary centrality of the breach from the contract settlement, we have answered each of the plaintiffs one by one, reaching satisfactory settlements with each of the buyers and so avoiding our client’s insolvency.
Likewise, we consult housing buyers looking to settle a conveyance contract and, after an in-depth analysis of the facts, we indicate the viability of a settlement, its cost, and the best mode to bring a settlement suit.
In the leasing field, our department also offers legal counselling during the course of these contracts in order to avoid possible conflicts. Additionally, once these conflicts have arisen, we take the necessary legal steps to finalise the contractual relationship due to contract termination, failure to pay rent and other payments taken on by the lessee, flaws, and misappropriation of housing (“squatting”).

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