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Comprehensive legal consulting to cooperatives and members

Cooperatives have become the way to obtain housing at a lower cost than the market. By eliminating the figure of the developer and replacing it with a member of the cooperative itself, costs are lowered. A widespread ignorance about the cooperative member regarding his rights and duties within the cooperative often leads to particularly complex conflicts between members and the cooperative, the managing body, and insurance entities.
In recent years, this office has undertook consulting work to housing cooperative associations. Particularly, we provide consulting to cooperatives made up of some 1,500 members – associations which are undergoing a series of conflicts that up until now have been uncommon in our courts. Most of the conflicts are related to the liability of the managing boards and boards of directors, the liability of insurance entities according to Law 57/68, challenges to decisions of the collective boards, and the consequences and effects of members leaving, among others.

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