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Appraisal of companies

Such is the dynamic of businesses that their shareholders and/or directors require advising in the acquisition and sale of companies.
Our business appraisal services offer a tool to make decisions in a wide variety of situations – in the evaluation of strategic and financial alternatives, in mergers, acquisitions, capital investment, buying or purchasing of intangible assets (brands or royalties), in the incorporation of new partners or shareholders, and in fiscal planning.
Our analysts have knowledge and expertise in different sectors of the economy, which allows them to apply their professional judgement and experience in the appraisal of companies and/or assets in a wide variety of circumstances.
Our appraisal services allow us to offer integral services in processes of both company reorganisation (mergers, acquisitions, etc.) and business restructurings (planning of the value chain in transfer pricing). We act as independent experts in a vast variety of commercial and/ fiscal transactions.
We have a team of economists and consultants with vast experience in appraisal affairs (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers).

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