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Transfer pricing

We are the only middle-market Spanish firm with a team of professionals specialised in transfer pricing.

Our professionals boast a solid and varied experience in prestigious consultancies in this new financial practice (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers). This permits us to offer quality services at the level of the largest firms, but a cost more adapted to our clients. We are the only middle-market Spanish firm with specialists with varied experience in large firms.

We offer our clients integral, tailored solutions in transfer pricing, spanning from risk identification to solution implementation and/or policy planning for transfer prices.
At RZS Abogados we are prepared to help our clients face the obligations of transfer pricing and gain the advantages that this regulation allows for.

We offer the experience, quality, and resources of the largest consultancies to solve your problems in related operations, regardless of your size. We boast the knowledge and dedication you are looking for.

Download: Transfer Pricing in Spain

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